We all need a fallback for the hairdresser, but what happens when you’re bored of the ‘usual’ but don’t want to try anything too scary?

Cue the universal haircuts.


The ‘Daring’ Pixie Cut

Daring Pixie Cut

Okay, we’re starting off with what seems like a bit of a scary one, but although lots of hair is being chopped off here this is actually a flattering and simple cut. Just remember: Pixie cuts with side swept bangs go well with long faces while heart-shaped faces require longer swept bangs. A little height suits the rounder face, squares should make the cut softer rather than spiky and if you are an oval shape…well, you can pull this style off any which way you choose.

The Boho Layers

Boho Layers

Long layers suit absolutely everyone, trust us. Your hairdresser might alter the look depending on your particular look or hair type, but generally this is a no-brainer.

The Stylish Bob

Stylish Bob

This is a bit of a step down from the pixie but can still be daunting. Just follow the same rules for the pixie with a bit more length and you’ll get away with it, we promise!

The Playful Bangs

Playful Bangs

Bangs are always in style, even if they’re  not in trend. Side swept bangs will not disappoint no matter what your face shape or hair colour. It can soften a square face, take emphasis away from the tapered chin of heart-shaped faces and adds needed dimension to a round face. A long face would look best with blunt bangs above the brows, to add width to the face.

The Sensible Medium Cut

Sensible Medium Cut

This cut is so in right now. It’s incredibly low maintenance and can feel short at the same time as being quite long. Super flattering and super cool.