MOVEmber is all about getting active every day for the month of November, so here are 7 simple ways to introduce more exercise into your daily routine.


1. Whenever you clean your teeth why not hold a wall-squat for around two minutes? In a few weeks you will definitely notice the difference in your legs and bum.

A supermarket trolley full of groceries.


2. Pushing a supermarket trolly for 45 minutes burns around 120 calories, so instead of getting your shopping delivered pop down to the shops for your bread and milk.


3. Watching a great show on Netflix at the moment? Jog on the spot as you watch it! Distracting yourself with a spot of TV will work wonders for your endurance levels.


5. Walking an hour at a moderate pace will burn around 200 calories, so consider leaving the car at home one day a week.


6. Put away those trainers and put on those rubber gloves because for every hour of housework you will burn around 300 calories! Vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing will all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Put on some catchy tunes to have a boogie in between chores to burn even more calories.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 09.52.42

7. Finally, find a speedy workout on YouTube before your morning shower. Our favourite channel is XHIT Daily and most of their routines are only ten minutes long!


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