Airport Fashion

A member of the UnPerfection team recently went on holiday abroad so of course we had the inevitable discussion about fashion. What dresses would be chosen for evenings out? What tops should be taken to the beach? What was the best outfit to travel to the airport in?

The latter fast became a sore subject among the group. Some of us felt that dressing up for the plane journey was all part of the fun of the holiday, yet others felt this was far too vain – it’s all about baggy tops, zero makeup and trainers!

I, however, think there is a UnPerfect mid-point. Casual yet cool, comfortable yet presentable.

So here are our top 5 airport outfits inspired by celebrities with some highstreet equivalents. Great for anyone wanting to make a bit of an effort for their summer holiday…but not too much!


5) Eva Longoria kills it with this simple ensemble! You can get almost identical peach skinny jeans from Next.


4) Match Daisy Lowe’s style with these super cute cut-off dungarees from Urban Outfitters.


3) Genuine airport fashion! Jessica Alba’s coat is absolutely lush, but possibly not great if you’re travelling somewhere hot…still, if you’re heading somewhere chilly create the look at John Lewis!


2) Jamie Chung looks stunning in these floral trousers. So summery! Visit New Look for a pair of your own.


1) By far our favourite, the queen herself. Beyoncé dresses down a glitzy top with a blazer. Effortless! Grab your own at Miss Selfridge.



Now you’ve seen our top 5, take a look at the Tumblr account K-port Fashion – it’s has provided us with hours of amusement!!