Even as the world becomes more open to cosmetic treatments, stigma still surrounds many procedures, like dermal fillers.

Finding the perfect skincare routine is imperative for most women. It may take a while to experiment on which products work, but it’s a victorious moment when women find the cleanser, toner, sunscreen, and serum that suits their skin. But if it’s all for the beautiful, age-defying skin, why are many women still hesitant to go for dermal filler appointments – which treat signs of aging as well?

‘I prefer slapping products on, rather than injections.’

For one, the passion for natural beauty is probably a primary reason why there’s a stigma around fillers. Lathering on products doesn’t necessarily invade the skin, as they are absorbed by the skin’s surface layers. But when needles are involved, alarms start ringing in our heads. It’s understandable really, especially when we don’t know enough about injectables. They may seem scary at first. But the truth is, dermal fillers consist of two of the most popular ingredients that we already use on our skin: hyaluronic acid and collagen.  Sound familiar?

These powerhouse ingredients are well-known in the beauty industry, infused in many products that we slather on our faces. So, wouldn’t it be better if they are directly injected to the problem areas? Yes, of course they would. Wrinkles, skin folds, sagging cheeks, and even scarring would disappear almost immediately like magic. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are already present in the skin, so it’s not like you’re injecting any harmful chemicals.

‘It might look fake.’

Women have trepidations on getting dermal fillers because they might look unnatural. Trout pout and duck lips are certainly not desirable results. However, the goal for getting dermal fillers is subtlety, not dramatic changes. Licensed aestheticians know this, and they know where to inject and how much filler to use in order to achieve the results you want.

Also, don’t be afraid to go slow. Discuss with your doctor what you do and don’t want. If you’re a bit hesitant on going full speed, try small doses first. Observe the changes, and come back for more if you like the outcome. If not, don’t fret because dermal fillers can be easily dissolved, too.

Remember that you are not alone. Dermal fillers and Botox are actually very popular. There’s a rising number of twenty-somethings already getting facial injectables, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. ‘Lunch-hour’ beauty treatments are also becoming more common, with people flocking to clinics to snag a few minutes of Botox or facials.

Final Words

It’s time to broaden your choices when it comes to your skin. Look beyond the scrubs and serums, and research on the wide variety of treatments in the cosmetic industry. Keep in mind that anything that you do to your face or body is your choice, and the important thing is to feel good and confident in your own skin. If you’re ready to try dermal fillers, make sure that you’re working with a licensed practitioner. We recommend Courthouse Clinics, which is the number 1 doctor-led cosmetic clinic in the UK with over 20 years of experience.

Your Skin ? Your Decisions !