Beauty Profile recently got in touch with us to see if we wanted to try out their free service.

I must admit I had never heard about anything like a Beauty Profile before, but their website made it sound simple enough:


As the science of beauty has advanced so quickly over recent years there are now a vast array of effective treatments available for the face, body and skin – so much so that it can be difficult to work out which ones will achieve the best results for you.

But now you can find the perfect treatment to better your personal beauty concerns with our online survey. Just answer a few questions to be provided with treatment suggestions tailored specifically to your needs.


So basically you go through a series of simple questions about what your body and skin is like and the data is then analysed to suggest all the treatments that are suitable for you.

It’s a genius idea that saves serious time. Who wants to go all the way to a clinic to be told you shouldn’t have booked an appointment for a facial, you should have requested Microdermabrasion instead? And do you know the skin types that are best suited to Laser Hair Removal or Dermal Fillers? Or what Fat Freezing and VASER even does? We didn’t, and we read up on this sort of stuff all day!

The Beauty Profile is just generally a great way to cut out the middleman, which is good for people in this day and age where Google is consulted before anyone else!

If you want a free Beauty Profile tailored specifically to you, click here to be taken to the website.