With more than 6 million treatments administered each year, Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments out there for people who want to banish fine lines. But there’s a new wrinkle-blasting challenger on the rise, and it’s claiming to be cheaper than Allergan’s flagship product.

Evolus vs. Allergan: The Botox Battle Begins

Enter Evolus Incorporated’s Jeauveau. After months of delay in getting FDA-approved, Jeauveau finally got the go signal to be distributed as an injectable to treat fine lines. Previously, U.S. regulators declined approving the drug because of chemistry and manufacturing faults. However, Jeauveau got the greenlight last February and was made available to the public last week.

However, going head-to-head with Allergan’s $3.5 billion franchise is not going to be easy-peasy. A legal counterattack was filed two days before the approval, with Allergan and Medytox citing that the new drug rides on stolen trade secrets. Yep, there seems more to the issue than a competitor entering the market – and we are definitely spilling the tea.

According to the complaint, a former staff scientist from Allergan’s partner, Medytox, allegedly handed the “meticulous, time-consuming, and expensive research” to Daewoong Pharmaceuticals Co., a bio-engineering company in South Korea. The research has information on how to convert botulinium toxin to a treatment, and Medytox’s strain was also said to be included.

Daewoong then later out-licensed its drug, DWP-450, to Evolus. Daewoong also markets this product in South Korea under the name ‘Nabota’.

Evolus Launches Despite Accusations

Daewoong and Evolus strongly denied the allegations, stating that it reflects “the level of concern surrounding Evolus’ entry and the competitive threat it presents to the Botox franchise.”

“This represents another legal maneuver in a long-litany of attempts by Allergan and Medytox to stifle competition and limit physician and consumer choice,” says Evolus in a statement.

Even with the complaint filed at the U.S International Trade Commission, Daewoong and Evolus are resuming launch. They are building their sales teams and wooing doctors as part of their product promotion. Earlier this month, Evolus flew plastic surgeons and dermatologists to Cancun for a fancy celebration, which was widely documented on social media together with the hashtag #newtox.

Selling at a 20-25% discount, Evolus’ Jeauveau might be the biggest threat to the Botox franchise after it dominated the market for 10 years.

David Moatazedi, CEO of Evolus and ex-easthetics chief at Allergan, says, “Evolus is the first company in nearly a decade to enter the fast-growing US aesthetic neurotoxin market… The launch of Jeuveau will be powered by our technology platform designed to eliminate the friction points that exist for customers today.”

Allergan’s Full-Force Botox Digital Campaign

Even with a new competitor, Botox is not going anywhere anytime soon. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Allergan raked in $907 million last year, with the number of treatments totaling to 7.4 million. Botox is equally popular in the UK, with the industry worth £2.75 billion.

Allergan launched its #OwnYourLook campaign last January, hiring influencers and beauty editors to promote Botox on social media. The company is spending more on its marketing effort this year, targeting the younger generation of women in their 20s and 30s.

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