When we first received this cute little trio we instantly fell in love with the packaging. Its vibrant design is so cool and just…different! Uniqueness is definitely a plus point with us, we’re quite bored of the minimalist look that lots of skincare brands tend to go for.

In this little set we received a cleanser, a serum and a night cream. Here’s how they faired:


BRYT Cleanse

We were a little skeptical at first with this one. It’s a foam cleanser, and many of the ones we have tried in the past have disappeared as soon as they were on the skin – but not this one! This light product lathers up incredibly well, requiring only 2 pumps to cover both the face and neck.

The smell is incredibly fresh and uncomplicated (if you can describe a smell in such a way?!). Although not overly perfumed it does have a distinct fragrance. It has the faint aroma of a natural antiseptic, like the slight tang you get from tea tree oil, eucalyptus or pineapple.

Jemma from the UnPerfect team removed the cleanser using the BRYT Mitt which, although she said was the perfect texture for mild exfoliation, had a hole at the top after just a couple of uses. She thinks her hand was a little too big for it, so perhaps BRYT could consider different sized Mitts for ladies with larger hands?!

The Mitt aside, once the cleanser was removed we all agreed our skin felt almost obscenely soft, refreshed and clean. No post-cleanse tightness, no oiliness, just a smooth, comforted feeling.

We would imagine this to be great for pretty much all skin types and was definitely our all-round favourite product of the three.


BRYT Calm Serum

We love a good serum, the emphasis being on the word good. There are quite a few serums on the market that could easily be added or taken away from a skincare routine without being missed, but the effects of BRYT’s Calm Serum were definitely noticeable.

Our lead writer, Emily, suffers with extreme combination skin. Her oily t-zone and painfully sore, dry cheeks have been worsened by the recent interchangeable weather, but after a couple of days of this serum she saw a real difference. Balance has well and truly been restored! Her cheeks are a less red and inflamed and her oily t-zone has greatly improved after just a few uses.

The scent of this is identical to the cleanser, which we all liked. When applied to the skin there was an initial mild tackiness on the face, but this disappeared after a minute or so when the serum was absorbed.

Although some members of the team liked but didn’t feel that they needed the serum, Emily loved the firmed, toned feeling it gave her and plans to re-purchase.

If you have a combination skin buy this immediately! Oilier skins may feel some benefits but drier skins could do with something a little more hydrating.


BRYT Rich Night Therapeutic Night Cream  

We were all quite surprised by the thinness of this product, especially as it’s described as a night cream that’s beneficial for dry patches. The night creams the UnPerfection team tend to use are über thick and need to be used sparingly, like the Nivea Creme, but this was only marginally thicker than the serum – so was not at all what we expected!

Despite its thinness the directions on the bottle recommends using a small amount of product, and we were happy to discover it had the same scent as the cleanser and serum. When applied to the skin it had a silky texture that was a little tackier than the serum but, just like the serum, once absorbed the tackiness was gone and we were left with smooth, supple skin. We definitely didn’t need more than 1-2 pumps as well like the directions advised.

Despite first impressions this cream did nourish and moisturise without the face feeling bogged down, heavy or greasy. It’s incredibly refreshing to use just before going to bed, although it wasn’t as impressive as the serum for Emily.

Although it is rich, this may not be great for very dry skin – but normal, oily or combination skin would get on well with this product. .


All in all we were very impressed with BRYT, from the packaging to the formulation to the end result! Based on how effective they were after just a few uses we can imagine them fast becoming a staple product in our skincare routine. This range definitely has a BRYT future – #sorrynotsorry.