Having the perfect body is an achievement that a lot of people put in their list of goals. For years, thousands of workout routines, diets, exercise equipment, waist-trainers, even weight loss capsules are produced – all for the quest to have that perfectly-toned body.

What Exactly Is Cryolipolysis?

While it may take you a few times to say it right, cryolipolysis can be explained in two simple words: fat freezing. While most non-invasive fat reduction treatments like high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and radio frequency (RF) use heat, cryolipolysis uses cold temperatures to destroy fat. Essentially, the fat cells are frozen to death.

Research shows that fat cells are essentially more susceptible to cooling compared to other skin cells. This was discovered almost by accident in 1970 when scientists noticed that fat cells in children’s cheeks died when the children sucked on frozen popsicles. Forty years later, the Food and Drug Administration has approved cryolipolysis as a fat reduction treatment for different areas in the body.

How does Fat Freezing Work?

Using a machine, the fat freezing procedure works by sucking up body tissue and exposing it to -7°C to -8°C. Most machines have a cup-shaped applicator which ‘suctions’ the skin and delivers the cold temperature. You don’t need anesthesia for the procedure, although you may feel tugging, pulling, and cooling sensations during the process. The target area also goes numb a few minutes into the treatment. A session lasts up to 70 minutes, and you are allowed to return to normal activities immediately after. Some side effects may include redness, bruising, and tenderness – but they eventually fade overtime.

Great Results

A 2014 study reported that cryolipolysis has reduced up to 25% of fat in the target area after only one treatment. The damaged fat cells are naturally removed from the body within 15-20 days and visible improvements in body contour are seen. More promising results are also shown as the satisfaction rate for the procedure reached a 73%, while improvements were seen in 86% of the subjects.

A Healthy Reminder

Although fat freezing is a safe and effective treatment for fat loss in certain areas of the body, experts remind that it is not a weight loss solution. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that will instantly drop off those pounds. Nevertheless, non-invasive cosmetic procedures like cryolipolysis help to get rid of stubborn fat and improve the contour of the body. 

Ready for your first fat freezing session? Keep in mind that cryolipolysis is a medical treatment and must be handled by licensed experts only. Consult the professionals at Courthouse Clinics to find out more about fat freezing and whether it’s right for you.