Recently the UnPerfection team went to a Pamper Night event for Earthzest Organics. The company is 100% organic, cruelty-free and create potent, handmade skincare products that really work. No water (or aqua as it’s often named on labels) comes into contact with these products so only a small amount is needed for brilliant effects on the skin.

The event itself was a fun-filled night of Prosecco, glorious chocolate brownie cakes made by the host (the Dungeon cafe), a free facial using the products and a makeover with professional photographs of the finished look.

It was a truly lovely event and we all went away with rejuvenated skin and some exciting purchases. Two of my favourites were the Feed Your Face Toner for Oily & Combination Skin and the Green Clay Face Mask.


The Green Clay Face Mask is by far the most luxurious at-home mask I have ever used! It feels amazing when applied to the skin and is a rich, dark green colour with a thick yet smooth consistency. You only need the smallest amount – the directions recommend a teaspoon but make sure it’s not a heaped one! I slowly added tap water to it in a bowl and then applied it with my fingers.

After ten or so minutes the product is completely dried on the skin. I removed it with just a bit of warm water and it came off so easily. My skin felt smooth and refreshed and felt replenished for days afterwards. Probably the best mask to have on while you’re in the bath as coupled with the heat it brings all the toxins out of the skin.


I’ve also been using the Oily & Combination Skin Toner religiously. This gorgeous smelling product is great to use after a light cleanser to bring equilibrium to the skin.

All you need to do is spray the product a couple of times onto a cotton pad and work it around the face. It lifts so much dirt and smoothes the skin wonderfully. I’ve only been using this day and night for a few days so I expect better results to come with further use, but at the moment my skin is definitely clearer, less oily and feels smoother.

All in all I’m really impressed with these products and the ethos of the company. The products are a little on the pricey side but they genuinely work, smell incredible and last ages because you only need to use a tiny bit of the products each time.

It’s nice to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin provided by a team of women who really know their stuff. If you’re frustrated with the products you use everyday I would definitely think about switching to Earthzest.