Festival Fashion Wishlist image

As festival season approaches, we’re all beginning to think about what we need to buy for a weekend of musical madness. To get you guys started, here are UnPerfection’s top essential festival fashion pieces for 2015!

asos wellies

ASOS GANGSTER Wellies – £18

Wellies are a staple item when packing for any British festival, but walking around in them for a whole weekend can be a nightmare. Chafing, tripping and overheating are all major welly worries, so these mid-calf ASOS GANGSTER Wellies are a perfect buy. Easy to get on and off, these reasonably priced boots are a definite must-have. Also…PINK.

TopShop Lace-Up Embroidered Playsuit £36

TopShop Lace-Up Embroidered Playsuit – £36

As embroidery and crochet are all the rage this season, this killer playsuit will look awesome while also keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer sun. Although it’s white, the most dangerous c0lour for a festival, it will be so worth it when you look back at those disposable camera shots of yourself  (the ones before it got covered in mud anyway).

Filthy Fox Unicorn Waterproof Poncho £4.49

Filthy Fox Unicorn Waterproof Poncho – £4.49

They’re incredibly unflattering and uncomfortable…but useful, so you might as well go all out and get this crazy unicorn poncho. That’s the thing about festivals: you need to look either crazy or stylish, there should be no in-between.

River Island Black Embroidered Tassel Backpack £40

River Island Black Embroidered Tassel Backpack – £40

You need a backpack. Need. And if you don’t bring one to walk around with you’ll just end up being that annoying person who uses everyone else’s to store stuff. Get prepared with this stunning bag from River Island, embroidered with loads of crazy clashing patterns that are either amazing or nauseating depending on how you look at it. This is limited edition so get it while you can.

Uniqlo MEN Sweat Full-Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie £24.90

Uniqlo MEN Sweat Full-Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie – £24.90

Whether you want to snuggle into something during a few hours of shut eye or need an extra layer of warmth when you’re still up partying at 4am, this hoody is the cosiest thing you will ever own. This wardrobe classic is specifically designed to remain ultra soft and shaped just right so that it looks and feels perfect…no matter what you end up putting it through!

Mac 3D Silver Glitter £17.00 copy

Mac 3D Silver Glitter – £17.00

Do you need glitter? Well probably not, and you will bitterly regret your life choices when unpacking your stuff after the festival. However, a festival is not a festival without a spot of glitter, and if you’re going to buy makeup you want to go Mac (in our opinion). This stuff is über shiny and glittery and can be used in so many ways to give you your sparkle fix. Glitter may be the herpes of the makeup world (because it gets everywhere and never leaves) but you will feel like a fairy princess, which is all that matters.