Got a Halloween party coming up in a few days but have absolutely no idea what to go as? Don’t fret! You don’t need to spend tonnes of cash on a hired costume, just put on a completely black outfit, grab a range of eyeshadows and get creative with our ideas below!



Eyeshadow shades you will need: Grey, blue, white, purple, green and red 

This one is pretty simple, just make yourself look a little less than healthy. Ruffle your hair and put on something ripped or tatty and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to walk slowly, groan and whine. And wine.



Eyeshadow shades you will need: Black, grey and white

This one can be a little difficult as you will need to do a lot of precision work as well as shading to get it looking really good. Get a pale shade of foundation as the base, wet black eyeshadow or use liquid eyeliner for the teeth, nose and eyes and smudge grey eyeshadow on the cheekbones for shadowing.



Eyeshadow shades you will need: Black, black, black and black. Oh, and maybe a bit of white with your black

This one is so much fun to do! You can be as dramatic and bold as you want and you only need one shade.



Eyeshadow shades you will need: Black, white and red

This one is also mega easy! Just start off with the goth makeup and add a deep, rich red to the lips like droplets of blood falling from the mouth.



Eyeshadow shades you will need: Black, brown and white

And now you can use the infamous Mean Girls line, “I’m a mouse, duh.”

The majority of this makeup look can be as minimalistic or dramatic as you want….just make sure to remember the nose and whiskers. We also found an amazing video on how to create cat/mouse ears using your own hair! Just click on the photo below to watch the tutorial.

cat hair tutorial