Feather & Bone

The UnPerfection team were recently given the opportunity to try out Feather & Bone‘s Face Gems, a natural, exfoliating cleanser that provides tonnes of benefits for the skin. It boasts the ability to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise all in one simple product.

We were especially intrigued by this one as it came in this small tablet-like form…

SAM_2325The Face Gems require just a few drops of water to activate. After a while of smushing with your thumb and mixing with water, they form a paste-like consistency that we found to be just the right amount for your face.

Now, we have to be honest here – we had a bit of a giggle at this point in the process! As you can see in the photo below (despite quite a few attempts to pretty it up using Photoshop) the resulting cleanser looks a bit like…erm…well, I think you can guess.

SAM_2327Despite it’s not entirely pleasant appearance, the smell of the Face Gems was quite nice. We found it to smell a bit like herbal tablets, a natural aroma that definitely made us feel that we were putting something ‘good’ onto our skin! Not sure it will be to everyone’s taste, particularly those of you who like sweeter scents, but it was definitely a plus point for the UnPerfection team.

Aesthetics aside, this product worked amazingly on the skin. It was an incredibly gentle exfoliator that cleaned deeply, and although Feather & Bone haven’t advertised as such it does remove makeup residue brilliantly!

After washing away the Gems we all agreed our skin felt incredibly clean and smooth, not dry or tight like the results of some other exfoliators or cleansers. A couple of girls on the team didn’t need to moisturise afterwards, but those with drier skins applied a light layer of Superdrug’s Vitamin E Night Cream and found it to absorb much quicker than normal, leaving the skin suppler and refreshed.

Of course there must be additional benefits with continual use that we haven’t experienced, but overall the UnPerfection team loved this unique cleanser. We think it would be amazing for sensitive to dry skins, but due to the moisturising benefits it may not suit very oily skins.

You can find out ore about Feather & Bone by clicking here to visit their website.