Do your friends magically know how to pose for photos even when put on the spot, yet you always look awkward and clumsy? Well don’t despair, here are our top tips on how to pose like a celebrity!

Heads up
Looking up slightly will stop the dreaded double chin appearing.

Heads up

Keep your legs crossed!
Your legs will automatically appear longer and slimmer with this handy trick. Not very useful for headshots though…


Staring directly at the camera can make your face look larger, so always try to have a bit of an angle like Jennifer Lawrence.


Put your hand on your hip
Especially if you want to avoid that bingo wing look! Arms look more taught with this pose.

Hand on hip

Practiced impulsiveness
Practice a few smiles in the mirror and work out which are your best ones. The more practiced you are, the more genuine your smile will be when there’s a camera suddenly in your face!

Genuine smile

Sit up straight
Hunching is just a big old no when it comes to posing. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed yet slightly backward for the perfect posture.

Straight back

Feeling shy?
If you’re really not prepared, try the old hand-over-the-face laugh. It can cover a multitude of issues (for instance lipstick gone awry or a giant zit…). Perhaps Audrey Hepburn has a bit of eyeliner smear here?

Audrey Hepburn

Mix it up a bit!
Don’t stick to the same pose in every photo! Try something new and see how it comes out. If worst comes to the worst, just scream at your friend to take the photo down from Facebook. We’ve all had bad photos floating about on the net so I’m sure she’ll understand.

Mix it up

Look behind you!
This pose is ultra sexy and not particularly for beginners, but with practice anyone can pull it off!

Look Behind you

Stop, drop and roll
If you really need to, just get the heck out of the way of the camera. You can try again next time!

Run away