Giving birth. Breast-feeding. Sticky handprints. Children’s parties. School assemblies.

Doesn’t sound appealing to you? Well, you’re not the only one!

1 in 5 UK women in their 40s have never had children, but get the words ‘spinster’ and ‘career-driven’ out of your head. Studies have shown that most of these women have conventional relationships and are not obsessive over their careers.

So it’s not only those with extreme lifestyles deciding to be childless, but there is still a lot of pressure put upon young couples to start a family – perhaps not as much as there used to be, but it’s still seen as an inevitable event in everyone’s lives.

And UnPerfection think this is really wrong.

There is an unspoken taboo surrounding this subject, but childless women are sometimes thought of as selfish or making a purposefully rebellious decision.

But it is a decision. To choose not to have children is just as difficult and momentous as deciding to have children, and neither conclusion is right or wrong.

The biggest factor in deciding whether you want kids or not is usually instinctual. Do you have fantasies every now and again of having a cute little brood? Or has the thought never really occurred to you? Perhaps it even makes you feel anxious or upset?

You can’t choose to be maternal, although maternal feelings can develop over time. If you don’t want kids you should never feel pressured to have them. Similarly, if you want kids and your partner doesn’t, that’s probably an issue that will never be resolved.

Some of us are destined to be amazing mums, but others are destined for something else. We think both types of women should learn to be more understanding and appreciate one another’s differences a bit more, because life is just as hard with kids as it is without!