Fancy a beauty product that reduces chin fat by up to 2cm? And tightens skin? And contours the jawline? All in just 30 minutes?

Oh hell yeah.

ChinUp is a brand new product that utilises an effective formulation comprised of fruit extracts to break down fat cells and diminish problems associated with ageing and lax skin.


The SkinTronics blend, infused in a fresh mask with a gloriously fruity scent, gets to work immediately and can be carried out at home.


It’s a brilliant concept that has had so many positive reviews already, but ChinUp needs your help…

The guys behind it are in the midst of a Crowdfunding campaign to make ChinUp a reality. In exchange for your contributions they’re offering loads of exciting rewards and the opportunity to buy their products at great prices.

The Crowdfunding campaign is now live so click here to see more of that and click here to be taken to their website.

And watch this space – a review to be posted on UnPerfection soon!