Kim K’s name never goes off the radar especially in the television industry and social media. With the Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV show, the KKW Beauty line, and almost 140 million followers on Instagram, Kim is definitely a star on its highest peak.

Speaking of which, the rumors that she’s had a nip and tuck here and there has been a gossip that’s going around for a few years now. Although Kim never officially admitted getting cosmetic surgery, people noticed the obvious changes on her face and body throughout her career. With her fans always on watch, the plastic surgery buzz is not surprising at all.

Here, we’re breaking down some of the rumored cosmetic operations Kim K may have had, and how much each costs – according to surgeons, none of whom have worked with Kim, mind you.



It can be said that the Kardashian empire was built on Kim’s derriere, as she was always proud of it and been flaunting it on red carpets since 2010.  

“There is an increase in buttock definition here,” says Dr.Fulvio Urso-Baiarda, specialist at Eterno Plastic Surgery, as he talks about some 2010 pictures of Kim.

“This is almost certainly around the time of her first fat graft, probably using fat lipo-suctioned from elsewhere in her body.”

Two years later, her bum is still growing larger. In 2012, experts have noticed the change.

“We are not only starting to see a width increase for the first time, but the buttock crease (the line between the buttock and thigh) is sloping downwards and inwards. I suspect this is because her bottom has been weighed down by fat grafts in a way that would not naturally happen,” says Dr. Urso-Baiarda.

A major bum breakthrough for Kim began in 2014 when she bared her world-famous tush in Paper Magazine. And no, she wasn’t just standing and showing her behind, she was balancing a champagne glass on it, boasting her perfectly-sculpted cheeks. This sent a shockwave of shares through the internet, together with the hashtag #BreakTheInternet.

The rumors around her getting implants became so famous that she had an X-ray done in Season 6 of Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians to prove that she didn’t have silicone in her butt cheeks.

However, there are still other treatments that Kim could have done to increase her bum size, like a Brazilian butt lift. Doctors would get fat from other parts of the patient’s body such as the stomach and waist, and then transfer it to the buttocks to make it fuller.

A Brazilian butt lift costs around £7000, but considering the possibly numerous changes in Kim K’s bum, experts say she might have spent a little over £30,000 on it so far.


Ah, the hourglass figure. Staying in a sexy shape is definitely an essential in the celebrity look book, and Kim Kardashian obviously has that nice curve. However, her appearance during the Met Gala was met with raised eyebrows, as her waist doesn’t look very natural. Some even speculated that she might’ve had a few ribs removed to achieve the little waist.

Natalie Vo, aesthetician at The White Clinic in London, suggests that Kim might have undergone non-surgical body shaping treatments to attain her shape. She might also had liposuction in stubborn areas, which is especially visible when she wears a bikini, because of the big difference between her waist and hips. Body contouring treatments that Kim may have had cost around £6,400.


Kim has always denied having her nose done, even when she has admitted that it’s her biggest insecurity.

Comparing photos of Kim K from the past and now, Dr. Urso-Baiarda says Kim might have gotten two rhinoplasty surgeries before.

“There used to some natural fullness at the tip of her nose which looked right for her. She also had a slight hump but it’s gone later. And humps don’t take themselves away.”

However, Kim maintains that her nose is the same as before, crediting the ‘change’ to makeup techniques. In a 2016 interview with Wonderland magazine, Kim says, “’People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t. It does look smaller. Maybe it’s the contour I use.”

If the rumors that Kim had rhinoplasty are true, the changes on her nose are not dramatic. The possible cost of Kim’s rumored nose job? Around £16,000.


While Kim denies the cosmetic surgery rumors, she has in fact admitted having some work done on her hairline. By 2008, Kim’s hairline looked more defined, and her baby hairs have gone too.

“I lasered my baby hairs off years ago, because my forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them,” says Kim.

Laser hair removals like Kim’s cost around the £600 range.

Face and Lips

A few experts have noted the changes in Kim Kardashian’s face through the years.  Dr. Ash Jutta, secretary at the British Association of Body Sculpting, says that Kim’s jawline has become more pronounced. He adds that Kim would likely be having Botox treatments and radio frequency to maintain her skin.

Plastic surgeon Anthony MacQuillan suggests that these subtle changes in the jawline are possibly from fillers.

On the same note, Dr. Urso Baiarda noticed that Kim’s cheeks became fuller, and wonders if she had fillers injected around 2009.

Dr. Urso Baiarda also looks into photos of Kim’s lips, suggesting that she may have had lip fillers because they started to look fuller.

“In earlier pictures, Kim seems to have a naturally full lower lip and her upper lip is about half the height. That gradually starts to change so they become a similar height,” explains Dr. Urso-Baiarda.

Despite some of Kim’s features looking like they had some work done, we can’t deny that she is beautiful in her own right. Besides, the stigma of cosmetic treatments and surgeries are slowly melting away. They have actually risen to extreme popularity, especially today in the age of selfies. In fact, even celebrities are now sharing their love for procedures like Botox.

No matter the treatments you want to get, keep in mind the importance of making it still look natural, which is the mark of good work. Only trust the experts to perform face and body treatments, like the specialists over at Courthouse Clinics.