Lips need exfoliating just like the rest of the body.

The skin’s surface is actually a layer of dead cells (ick) that protect everything underneath from infections and injury. Occasionally the dead cells fall off and new cells take their place (eww), but if you don’t help the process sometimes the cells build up and cause lots of problems. This includes chapped lips, acne, lines and wrinkles.

It’s not only hygienic to exfoliate your lips but it also helps products such as lip balm to absorb deeper into the skin.

You don’t need to spend much money to do this. You can use a normal face scrub on your lips but there are lots of gentler lip exfoliators available too. If you wanted to cut costs and make your own, mix sugar and honey with a little bit of peppermint or vanilla oil for an amazingly cheap homemade scrub. You could even eat it afterwards, but you would also be eating your dead skin cells…

So don’t forget to add lip exfoliation to your skincare regimen for beautifully soft lips! Bye bye dead cells *shudder*