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We have discovered something amazing. Hold on to your hats, fashion lovers!

It’s a revolution. You can now live in a world where you are no longer scrabbling through your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. You won’t need to beg your mum, dad, boyfriend, brother or any other fashionably inappropriate person in the near vicinity to tell you whether your outfit works or not. Have you ever stood alone in a shop staring at two amazing pair of shoes with no clue which one to get? Your decision on ‘the one’ can now be made instantly.

With the Pick My Style app you will get unbiased, immediate fashion advice. On the Post a Style feature you can either upload two pictures for the public to compare against and pick the best one or post a single picture to be ‘picked’ or ‘kicked’. Just sit back and watch as thousands of people give you their honest yes or no answers.

Not only this, but you can vote yourself on the Stylefeed. This provides hours of fun searching through some amazing (and not so amazing) outfits, the experience of which is a mixture between voyeurism and a fashion show. Think Pinterest, Facebook and Vogue all rolled into one!

It’s so quick to sign up – and absolutely free.

Simply click here to download the app on iTunes and click here for the Google Play Store.