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We get sent a lot of products to review at UnPerfection HQ and we like to think we’ve got a knack for sussing out how the review will go just by opening the delivery box. As we tear through the sellotape and cardboard you will often hear us saying things like:

“I bet that’s going to dry my skin out.”

“It will definitely bring me out in spots by day three.”


But when SheaSoul’s Herbal Facial Balm came to us none of us knew what to think. The packaging is a simple tester pot that didn’t give much away, the information provided is in-depth about the beneficial ingredients but on opening the pot the product itself didn’t look – or smell – like much to be excited about.

The balm has a fairly solid consistency as you would expect, but with the organic and fairtrade coconut oil and vanilla extract within it we all assumed it would have a creamy, sweet smell to it, especially as it is white in colour.

The smell is in fact dominated by a herb infused, earthy scent. I think the contrast between sight and smell put me off a little at first but after a while I started to appreciate it. It does have lovely sweet undertones as well.

And then I tried it.

As soon as I applied it to my skin I knew we would get on! This incredibly nourishing and moisturising balm is just want I need for my dry skin. It doesn’t make my skin feel too greasy or coated in a sticky film, just soothed and smoother.

You really only need the smallest amount for it to do its job. I assumed this inoffensive little balm would do nothing for me but now I’m obsessed.

It would really not benefit oily complexions but if you suffer with dryness this will revolutionise your skincare regime.

Unfortunately you can’t run out and buy your own SheaSoul Herbal Facial Balm just yet, but don’t fret! It will be available on their website really soon. Go to their site by clicking here to be kept updated with any news from the company.

I think this has definitely been a lesson to all of us. Don’t judge a book by its cover…or a balm by its pot.

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