The human body is naturally covered with hair, sometimes even in the strangest parts. It’s meant for an additional layer of protection, sure. But it seems like many of don’t like the way hair looks on our body. It’s like body hair is something that must be removed on a regular basis for cleaner-looking skin.

Plucking, shaving, and waxing are some of the common hair removal techniques out there. But today, there are two popular methods that are gaining steam: sugaring, and laser hair removal.

So, what’s the difference and which one is better?


Sugaring is kinda different from waxing, although the principle of using a sticky substance to pull hairs out is relatively the same.

For waxing, the formula used for the wax itself may have synthetic elements. For sugaring, however, the paste is made from three naturally derived ingredients: water, sugar, and lemon. The temperature works in favor of customers, too. The sugar paste is applied lukewarm, while wax is usually hot and might burn your skin.

Furthermore, waxing pulls the hair against the grain, whereas sugaring pulls it in the direction of the hair growth. This makes sugaring less painful than waxing.  But if you’re a first-timer, the pain much like what you experience with waxing. But this is just because of ingrown hairs. As you get regular sugaring sessions, the pain diminishes.

Regardless of your skin and hair type, you can most definitely try sugaring. It works on most body parts like armpits, arms, and legs, to name a few. However, sugaring can be harder on the face because it’s more difficult to be precise with the shaping.

The cost? For underarms, it’s usually £10 — £15. Legs go from £30 — £35, while the bikini line ranges from £35 — £70. Sugaring is usually a one-a-month thing.

Laser Hair Removal

It may sound scarier than sugaring, but laser hair removal is actually a relatively painless process to get rid of unwanted hair.  But the main thing that sets laser above traditional hair removal techniques is that it gives permanent results. Yes, you read that right. You can be hair-free forever!

An important note:  only get laser hair removal from licensed doctors or aestheticians with the proper qualifications. This is still a medical procedure which requires the expertise of experts in the dermatological industry.

So, how is it done? Hair follicles absorb highly concentrated light from the laser, and that destroys the hair. Before the session, the doctor or aesthetician trims the hair just enough for the laser to detect the pigment. Then, he precisely beams the laser on the skin’s surface.  As for the pain, the sensation can be described as if a rubber band is lightly snapping against the skin. Definitely, one can experience little to no pain at all. Everybody’s pain tolerance is different though, but you can have the option of using a numbing cream.

Since not all hairs grow all at once, you need additional sessions to have permanent reduction. Usually, six to twelve sessions seal the deal. This is no biggie, especially because you regularly remove your hairs anyway. But with laser hair removal, you don’t have to keep coming back for sessions on a monthly basis for years on end.

Who can get laser hair removal? Depending on the type of laser used, this process works for any skin type and tone. It can be done on most body parts like the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, and other areas. The precision of laser hair removal is also a big plus, meaning it doesn’t burn or affect the surrounding skin.

Sugaring vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which is better?

Our verdict: laser hair removal is definitely the better option.

Firstly, it’s a relatively painless way of removing hair compared to other methods.

Secondly, it actually saves you more money. Although laser hair removal can be expensive at first glance, the few sessions required costs less than all the razors and waxing sessions that you will have to purchase regularly. Statistics actually support this, revealing that the lifetime cost of laser hair removal (even the high-priced ones) is just at £2300. One the other hand, the lifetime cost of shaving is more than £7000, while waxing procedures are at almost £18000.

Lastly, the promise of long-lasting results takes the cake. Hair continues to grow after you shave, pluck, wax, or sugar. Laser hair removal eliminates the lifetime hassle by requiring only a few sessions. After that, you’ll no longer have to worry about the hair growing back. If you do notice any stubborn ones popping out, one top-up session will do the trick.

It may be a long-term investment, but if you want smooth and hair-free life, laser hair removal is definitely something you should consider.