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We all know we need to amend our skincare regime to protect our skin during the winter months, but eating the right foods is just as important as using the right products. Here are a list of foods you really should be munching on to keep your skin in amazing condition!




Everyone goes on about the great benefits of kale…and for good reason! This leafy green is full of Vitamin A, which can help with dry and flaky skin. From oven baked to stir-fried, there’s tonnes of ways to enjoy this vegetable.


Green Tea

Green tea is amazing. It helps with digestion, weight loss, acne and even works as an anti-inflammatory. Perfect to sip on chilly winter mornings to start the day off well.



Definitely one of the all-round healthiest foods you can eat and especially good for your skin. There is so much Vitamin E packed into that little green thing it’s unreal! Expect a gorgeous glowing complexion if you eat avocadoes regularly.

Winter Skin


Vitamin C not only fends away illnesses but also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The smell of oranges transports us to warmer months, which is always nice too.


Olive Oil

Oil is not always good for you, but olive oil is really beneficial to your diet. It contains Vitamin E and antioxidants to reduce the signs of ageing and helps produce healthier collagen in the skin.