UnPerfection loves the Clash.

No, not the guys who did Rock the Kasbah (although they were pretty awesome), but the very controversial art of mixing fashions together that don’t ‘go’.

Clothing is an expression of personality, yet for some reason most fashionistas impose pointless restrictions on themselves based on magazine and celebrity advice. Fashion should be daring, progressive, thought-provoking, frivolous and individual…not a bland uniform to be taken in any way seriously!

Modern fashion seems particularly frightened of being a bit out there, but we’re tired of bland high street choices.

If you want to start being a little bit more daring with your look, here are a few tips that could help you to explore your true self-made style. Remember: if you like how it looks, then that’s all that matters!

1. If you’re not feeling too confident, match one ‘out there’ item with other safer items.

2. Go online and read a debate about a celebrity’s outfit (this is not hard to find!). You’ll notice that are always divided opinions. Remember Bjork’s swan dress? We thought it was amazing but so many people hated it. Do you think she cared? No, she was wearing a cool giant frickin’ swan! Don’t let the opinions of others stop you!

Bjork3. Challenge yourself. Put stuff together you wouldn’t normally wear and see what you think. Does it make you frown? Take it off! Makes you smile? Why not wear it out?

4. Always wear well-fitted clothes. Good tailoring is everything!

Clashing15. Don’t know what you like? Get someone else to pick an outfit for you!

6. The best fashion accessory you could wear is confidence.


7. Try different textures as well as patterns and colours.

8. Matching too much can be just as cool as clashing!


9. Look to different cultures for inspiration. Japanese fashion is amazing!

10. Remember: they’re only clothes 😛