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Vitamin E is great for the skin. The antioxidants it provides are essential in maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion, so we were really looking forward to trying John Gosnell’s The Original Vitamin E Creams to see what differences they would make to our skincare routine.

First off: this is another example of skincare packaging done right. The Original Vitamin E Cream’s design has a lovely vintage feel to it with a blush of pink and solid black outline. Simple and elegant, this was a great introduction to the brand.

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Original Vitamin E Cream

Upon opening this pot of gently scented pink cream it appeared as though the formulation was really heavy and thick – which would definitely be problematic for day use. However, after application we found that it actually absorbs really quickly without leaving any greasy residue and is light enough to use before makeup. It feels refreshing and soothing without clogging the pores, a deceptively subtle lotion!

It smells great and looks fabulous with its light pink hue. Although it’s definitely not suited to those with very dry skin and may be a little too thick for oily complexions, normal skin would get along with this really well. It feels very nourishing after a couple of uses, so we can imagine you will notice a lot more benefits with extended use.

Overall a lovely addition to our morning routines and we really couldn’t get over how lovely it smelled! If only we had the technology to show you on the blog…

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Original Vitamin E Night Cream

Although it looks very similar on the outside, the night cream is a slightly darker shade of pink and has a slightly thicker consistency than the day cream. It still has that lovely light scent – definitely our favourite part of this product if you couldn’t tell already!

Being a night cream we expected this formulation to be quite substantial, but surprisingly it was still quite thin. Three of the girls on the team tried this and none noticed a huge difference from the day cream, which was a shame – we all agreed that if it had been just a little richer it would have been perfect.

As it was, this night cream wasn’t hugely hydrating. Our skin did feel softer after use, but it didn’t feel deeply nourished. As the consistency wasn’t quite thick enough we felt our skin benefitted immediately – but it lost this by the morning.

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The two creams both look and smell amazing. The packaging is beautiful and they definitely nourish the skin, but the night cream lacked in richness for us. Generally two very fine products that would not be a disappointment to those with normal skin complexions.