Without a doubt, no matter how

advanced we become, we still live in a male-dominated society. And in the

corporate world as well, a number of industries still witness men taking the

reins, especially, in terms of wages.

Nevertheless, some areas are

truly offering women what they actually deserve. According to a recent study,

not only a greater percentage of women can be seen working in certain fields,

but securing a notable amount of median earnings also.  

While most of the high-paying professions

have come out to be in the healthcare sector, the top 5 best-paying jobs for women

are comprised below: 

1.      Sales

Engineer – If you are technically deft and have in you some essential sales skills

too, it’s time to hone and combine the two. Contributing as around 5% of this

field, many women are already earning an average median annual pay of $134,472.


2.      Pharmacist

– Almost 52% of the workforce in this profession are women. Thus, if medicine is an

area of your interest, leave no stone unturned to gain expertise in the same

and bag no less than $98,904 as your median annual earnings. 

3.      Upholsterer

– Upholstering furniture may be a sideline job for numerous ladies out there.

How about making it your main job? To your surprise, 9% of workers holding this

particular job title are women – earning a substantial amount of $95,368 as

their median annual pay.

4.      Helper,

Construction Trades – Again, along with performing administrative duties, supervising

construction work can be a luring task for many. It may be a rare kind of job

for females, but nearly 4% of all workers in this domain, who are women, are

making an approximate median annual wage of $92,508. 

5.      Nurse

Practitioner – Offering as much care to other people as possible is a woman’s very

basic nature. What’s better if you could turn this nature of yours into your

profession while earning a substantial amount of money? The study found that

women accounted for a huge 90% of workers with this position. Also, their

median annual pay was around $87,464.