How many hours do you work? A standard 9 to 5? But do you ever spend time checking work emails on the train, taking calls on your lunch break or even bringing work home with you over the weekend?

Once in a blue moon it’s okay to work extra hours. However, if this is what you call your everyday routine then it’s time to start taking care of yourself.

A new study has unveiled that sitting until late in an office may increase your risk of a stroke by almost 33%. Published in The Lancet Medical Journal, the study took into consideration 17 previous reports and tracked a total of 529,000 people over a period of seven years. It concluded that those who worked for around 55 hours or more per week had a three-fold higher stroke risk as compared to their 40-hour per week working counterparts.

While those who worked for around 54 hours a week increased their risk by some 27%, the ones working for 41-48 hours every week had an increased risk by 10%.

People who worked for the longest hours every week also showed a 13% greater heart attack risk. The researchers could not identify exactly the cause of this increased risk but nevertheless it could possibly be attributed to a combination of factors such as high alcohol consumption, lack of rest, stress and lack of physical exercise.

So sitting continuously at your desk for extended hours is not the only reason for failing health. Long working hours also do not allow you to pay attention to your diet and sleeping pattern. 

Maybe it’s time to pull yourself away from doing so much overtime for the sake of your health. Go for walks on your lunch, take breaks from your desk, bring in healthy foods to work and use your downtime for YOU. Your career may be important but so is your ability to work.