Yun Ya


The UnPerfect office recently had the opportunity to try out Yun Ya’s selection of organic body washes.


These super cute bottles contain natural and organic ingredients that truly benefit the skin. Each is named after one of the five elements according to Chinese philosophy: wood, metal, water, earth and fire. As detailed in Wu Xing, the elements are responsible for bringing harmony to the universe and each of these washes have been created to harness elemental power with their gentle, soothing formulations.


The smell of every single one of these is completely intoxicating. Although the fire element was a unanimous favourite amongst the team, the whole range has a lovely natural scent that perfume the skin for ages after use.


Showering with these every morning is a truly relaxing experience. It is really refreshing to use a range of products with so much heart in its conception and production. If you would like to purchase Yun Ya body care products or would like to learn more about the company’s philosophy, click here to be taken to their website.